Student permission forms and payment to attend the campus Lock-in Feb. 7 must be turned in by the end of the school day Feb. 4. All students who submit a form will receive a free dress pass for the day of the Lock-in.

At the Lock-in, students will attend a school that Friday as usual and then remain at the school until midnight ($15 admission) or 7 a.m. Saturday morning ($20 admission). Those are the only two pick-up times to ensure the safety of students.

During the Lock-in, students will have pizza and many other snacks, as well as unlimited access to several themed rooms throughout the school, including video games, board games, Disney movies, scary movies, a spa, karaoke, and athletics. Students may visit any of the rooms until 1 a.m. when all rooms will be shut down. At that hour, all female students will report to the gym, and all male students will report to the cafeteria. Students will remain in those locations to sleep and watch movies until the end of the lock-in.

Multiple staff members have volunteered to chaperone and help put on the event.

Click Here to Access the Form: Lock in Form

We hope to see your student at this Lock-in and many others on our campus!

If you have questions, please contact Dean of Students Ms. LaGesse at