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Dear 8th Grade Students and Parents/Guardians,
We have updated our new 8th Grade College and Career Guidance Program that meets on Wednesdays at 8:00am.  We proudly inform you that HSI-Sugar Land High School College & Career Counselors will meet their assigned 8th Grade students on a weekly basis on Mondays until the end of the fall semester to assist them with completing their Academic Plan, providing information on how to plan their high school programs, identifying college and career interests, high school course selection process, and much more. Mr. Ahmadov will continue to coordinate this course.

It’s important to let kids be kids, but in the selective admissions process, every move in high school counts – from the first day of freshman year to the last senior year exam. More and more families are beginning the college prep process in the eighth grade, aiming to set their students up for success at the start of high school.

Colleges look at all four years of high school grades, courses, activities, and more when evaluating applicants – not just records from junior and senior year like many families believe. By starting simple college preparation in eighth grade, students are poised to have a strong start to their high school careers – something that can set them apart from other applicants when it comes time for colleges to decide who to admit.

There are simple steps that students and parents can take to set students up for success and build a strong applicant profile, without provoking the stress of college admissions too early.

Students should already be able to see the course in their schedules in Skyward as well as the coordinating courses in Schoology. The course is labeled “College and Career Counseling.”
Here is the Alpha-Split Plan below for your reference to find out who your assigned counselor is:
  • Mrs. Sevinc Dok                  A-Ca
  • Mr. Farhad Fatih                  Cb-E
  • Mrs. Seher Kose                  F-Kh
  • Mr. Ali Kucuk                        Ki-Mi
  • Mrs. Jasmin Richardson    Mj-Pi
  • Mrs. Grace Shay                  Pj-Z
Event: 8th Grade College & Career Guidance Program
Date: On Mondays L0 Periods at 8:00 AM.
Who: 8th Grade Students
Where: L0 Period (Zoom Meetings)

 Harmony Public Schools South/West District will host its next District Safety Meeting on Tuesday, December 8, 2020.

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